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Art price list

Anyone can contribute to Artapas art price list which is available for free online. You can search the art price list to find out where your favourite works of art are located or add any additional information to the art price list.

In addition to updating the art price list, you can also add new artists to the database and their works of art, auctions, sales, art galleries and any other art related events. You dont have to be a professional, any art lover amateur or expert can contribute their knowledge to Artapas database.

The art price list is easy to use and its simple to add any new information or edit existing text. You dont even have to register, however, it will make things easier for you as you have more access to change different things. If you register it also means that you can change more things in the database and you can reach different user-levels. For instance, everyone starts as a starter, when you add 20 works of art per year to the art price list you become a connoisseur and after adding 50 artworks we regard you as a real specialist. When you have reached the status of connoisseur youll also have access to the my works tool, enabling you to customize the site to your exact needs, giving you a clear view of the current art price list.

By contributing information to the art price list the art market will become more transparent and more accessible to research artwork and their prices as well as where they are located.

In addition to adding prices to the art price list, you can also add works of art, artists and art galleries to the database. Adding new information is easy as you simply click on add new artwork, add new artist or add new gallery and add all the information you have got on the topic. We also encourage everyone to send any relevant web links to share your favourite hotspots on art with fellow art lovers. Be it on museums, auctions, sales, art galleries, education or publications.

If you see that the art price list needs updating or any other information needs changing, dont hesitate to modify any faulty or outdated information.

So join us today at Artapa and make your contributing to our ever-growing art price list!

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