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Add contemporary artwork to Artapa!

Contemporary artwork

Are you a fellow contemporary artwork lover? Be it professional or amateur, an art gallery or museum, we need you to contribute to our contemporary artwork database. You don't need to be a specialist on contemporary artwork to share your knowledge. Anyone can add to our online database.

Our goal is to create a great free online space where we can gather and share information on contemporary artwork with fellow art lovers. To accomplish this we need you to add contemporary artwork to our database! How does it work? Well, easy! You don't even have to register to add new contemporary artwork. However, by registering you will have access to change and modify more information in the database. You can simply add a new artist, artwork or gallery to the database by filling in the required fields. If you don't have all the information you can leave fields open and someone else can fill in the missing details or update them if they are out of date. By pooling our sources together we can create a substantial database which will make it much more accessible to research contemporary artwork and their prices as well as where your favourite works of art are located.

All users start off by being a starter. By adding at least 20 works of artwork - be it contemporary artwork or other works of art - you reach the status of connoisseur and after 50 you become a real specialist. As from the status of connoisseur you will also have access to the 'my works' tool which will allow you to customize the site to your exact needs, grouping all your favourite contemporary artwork just the way you want. In addition, Artapa can keep you informed when changes are made to your submitted works of art or be notiefied of any latest contemporary artwork which is submitted to the database by another user and might be of interest to you.

Besides contributing your knowledge on contemporary artwork , we also welcome you to add web links to the site to share your favourite contemporary artwork hotspots with other users. The database will also keep our users updated of new galleries, auctions, sales and other art related events.

Join us and share your knowledge on contemporary artwork with fellow art lovers!

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