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Register art at Artapa!

Register art

Anyone can register art at Artapa. We have created a free online database for all art lovers, ranging from art galleries, museums, professionals to amateur art lovers, anyone can register art and modify information on the works of art which are listed in our database.

Any art lover be it professional or amateur - can register art to the database and provide general information on the work of art such as the location of the artwork and the art price. This art price database was created to obtain a transparent overview of art prices which will lead to high quality information of the market, enabling all users to research artwork easier and will make the art market more transparent for you to compare.

To register art at Artapa is easy! The database is user friendly as you can register art, artists or new galleries by simply clicking on the appropriate buttons. You can search by art prices, by titles, artists name, date or place, enabling anyone to have access to the latest information in the database and the most recent developments in the art world.

By using the database it means that you can register art but in addition you can share your knowledge of artworks and add new galleries or web links, creating easy access to the latest hotspots for fellow art lovers and keeping us all informed of whats hot in the world of art.

The good thing is that when you register art in the database it is accessible to all, from starters to connoisseurs to real specialists. You dont need to register to add new artists or works of art but it will allow you to change more fields in the database. To reach the level of connoisseur youll have to submit at least 20 works of art per year. This status will also allow you to access the my works tool, enabling you to organise the site to suit your needs. You become a real specialist if you register 50 works a year and you will be informed of any changes made to the entries you originally registered.

It goes without saying that there is a wealth of art information online. As we are trying to provide the best sources on art information it is also important that you register art links that are of importance to you.

Join us today and register art at our art price database!

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